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Visual & Media Arts

The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District provides students of all grades and abilities opportunities to study the visual and media arts through a variety of hands-on experiences promoting a life-long appreciation of the arts. Students learn to think creatively, stretch critical-thinking skills, and explore individual passion.

District programs align with the New York State Standards for the Arts and focus on five key disciplines, with Midlakes proudly providing students with opportunities in each: Music, Visual Art, Media Art, Dance, and Theater.

Students of all grades are immersed in the arts to receive a life-long appreciation, foundational knowledge and opportunities through performance-based assessments as well as school and community presentations. Many students go on to pursue college-level studies and professional opportunities post-graduation. For example, Midlakes graduates have performed professionally on stage, in movies and on TV, and in touring orchestras, and bands. Meanwhile, student artwork is often displayed at school, out in the community, at local businesses, and in art galleries.

At Midlakes, students may earn a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation by completing one unit of World Languages and five credits in the arts. Sequences in 2D and 3D art may include photography, ceramics, pottery, jewelry, creative crafts, art/drawing, art portfolio, and a creative art comprehensive.